We can spot hygiene issues from a million miles away

There’s a new way to visualize food safety.
Our free Site Survey has always been an effective way to optimise your facility’s cleaning and sanitation operations—protecting you against auditors and helping to solve hygiene challenges. Now, our revolutionary Vikan Virtual Site Survey technology lets you benefit from a totally new way of engaging with us: one that offers greater convenience and no health risks.
Powered by Microsoft HoloLens, Vikan Virtual Site Survey uses an advanced headset and augmented reality to let us see your plant through your eyes, in real time—performing a remote review of your cleaning operations, identifying potential problems, and recommending a plan to help you defend your safety, your business, and your reputation.
Time savings and no travel complications
Recordable, reviewable meetings
No physical meetings = no health concerns
Unlimited number of engaged participants
“Vikan was able to download real time solutions from their website within the viewing screen, which we could then discuss with them through the HoloLens format.”
HoloLens can host multiple people at once from a number of locations, so a multi-site issue could be dealt with easily."
“It allows people to be in the same room from multiple locations looking at a live stream. It encourages discussions, ideas, and quick solutions. It allows better decision making as you can look at an issue together, or propose changes in a quick, effective manner whilst not having to travel, arrange meeting rooms, etc.”
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